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Alan Dunne

Andrew Meehan

Brian Connaughton

Chris Murray

Ciaran Hallinan

Colm Nulty

Damien Barry

Dave Soden

Declan Doherty

Eoin Lynch

Eugene Moriarty

Frank O'Regan

Jack Whelan

Javan Nulty

John Kennedy

John Mason

John Wall

Jonathan Tiernan

JP Hilliard

Kevin Owen

Mark Solon

Michael Kennedy

Norman Shine

Padraic Togher

Philip Cassidy

Robert Kennedy

Sarah Dennedy

Sean Grimes

Shane Lalor

Stephen McSherry

Stephen O'Sullivan

Tim O'Regan

William McCabe

Fintan Ryan

James Davenport

Simon Tuomey

Craig Arrigan

Diarmaid Kavanagh

Cillian Whelan

Declan Gollogly

Will Curtin

Ryan O'Donovan

Barry Gardner

Finbar Smith

Aisling Barry

Maria Mulvany

Hugh McAtamney

Damien Flynn

John Flynn

Conor McCarthy

At the 2015 AGM, the committee was returned as below. It was also passed that going forward the committee would be given a 2-year tenure to ensure some stability within the club.
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Current club committee membership:

–       Chairman:                                           Chris Murray
–       Vice Chairman:                                   Michael Kennedy
–       Secretary:                                            David Soden
–       Treasurer:                                           Frank O'Regan
–       Road Racing Coordinator:                Norman Shine
–       Sportive/ Leisure Coordinator:        Shane Lalor
–       Leisure events Coordinator:            Ciaran Hallinan
–       Digital Media Coordinator:              Kevin Owen
–       Committee members:                       Sarah Dennedy, Phil Cassidy, John Wall