A brief description about yourself…
I am a structural engineer and project manager by trade, who loves his bike and has a real competitive streak when I sense there is a finish line coming up soon.

What made you choose Dunboyne?
I live in Dunboyne in the same estate as Philip Cassidy and I have known Philip and a lot of the Dunboyne members (John Wall etc.) since I started racing back in 1991! I also bought one of best ever racing bikes (Colnago with Campag Chorus) from Philip back in the early 90's when Philips shop was a little up the road from where it is now and a lot smaller.

How did you get into cycling?
My classmate Derek King in secondary school rode with Les Jeunes CC (the famous Richie Beatty was in charge) at the time and suggested I go up to one o the Wednesday night club races in the summer of 1990 and I never looked back after that.

What bike do you own?
I own a Cipollini Bond, the most expensive bike I have ever owned, its a pity I didn't have such a nice machine when I had a leg when I was younger.

What’s your greatest cycling achievement?
Winning the Hot Spot / KOM prime up Slane Hill in the 2000 Ras and getting the mountains jersey in the process. I still get slagged for this achievement to this day.

What’s your greatest cycling disappointment?
Not winning as many races as I should have!!

Highest/ lowest point on the bike...
Highest point, finishing my 1st Ras in 1995 having carried (literally!) my bags around for the full 8 days from my digs to the start line and vice versa.
Lowest point was getting dropped regularly on Ras Munham when I was riding it back in the day.

Favourite training route/ coffee stop?
A 2hr spin from Sneem up the back laneways to the top of Molls Gap and then lash back in the road to Louis Moriartys' hotel in Sneem, a spin made from heaven.

Cycling heroes/role models?
Hero would have been Johan Museeuw before I found out all about his 'antics'. Not so much of a role model, but the person I would have most respected for all of his dedication to cycling would have to be Richie Beatty

How do you relax after a hard club spin?
Shower, coffee and then some food

What are your goals for next year?
To keep enjoying my bike by winning some more races, namely my local race!!

What advice would you give for riders starting in this sport?
Enjoy the sport and don't get too hung up on pulse meters and power meters, there is plenty of time for all that when you want to get serious.

Tell us something that we don't already know about you…
Before I started cycling properly at the age of 17, I was a reasonably successful goalkeeper with Home Farm FC from the age of 6-17.