•      A brief description about yourself…
Tim, 27 year old Scientist working on some novel cancer eliminating drugs among others, currently living in London, England

•      What made you choose Dunboyne?
Top road club back when I was finishing as a Junior rider and turning Senior, had three Ras Winners in the shape of Brian Connaughton, Philip Cassidy and the late Seamus Kennedy

 •      How did you get into cycling?
Still trying to figure it out, possibly the volume of races passing my house in the evenings and summer months, I happen to live down the road.

 •      What bike do you own?
Too many, mostly Specialized road and cross.

 •      What’s your greatest cycling achievement?
Winning a stage of the tour of Ulster in 2010, competing in the first UCI World cup cyclocross race outside of continental Europe

 •      What’s your greatest cycling disappointment?
Never having medalled in Cyclocross Nationals, despite the form being there.

 •      Highest/ lowest point on the bike…
Winning either Tour of Ulster stage above or 1st cross race in 2013 / Failing to medal in cross Nationals 2013

•      Favourite training route/ coffee stop?
Too hard to describe, but back home on quiet roads

 •      Cycling heroes/role models?
The 3 Ras Winners above, Syn Nys, Helen Wyman, Robin Seymour and Roger Aiken

 •      How do you relax after a hard club spin?
Shower and if I don't need to go to work, just watch TV

 •      What are your goals for next year?
Improve in Cross, gain some top 15 places at the National Trophies here in England, get to Belgium for some Superprestiege races, medal in Cyclocross Nationals

 •      What advice would you give for riders starting in this sport?
Keep at it, bad days are going to happen, learn to look after yourself/be independent, but you need help at times e.g. parents.

•      Tell us something that we don't already know about you…
Not at all scientific with my training, despite my profession, I just do it for the fun of it.