A brief description about yourself…

What made you choose Dunboyne?
Knew some of the members and moved out to the area (Clonee)

How did you get into cycling?
Grew up beside Ian Wogan who was a racer in his day and he got me into the sport.

What bike do you own?
Specialized and Trek

What’s your greatest cycling achievement?
Turning up on time on a Sunday morning for the club spin

What’s your greatest cycling disappointment?
Not turning up on time

Highest/ lowest point on the bike...
The mates I’ve made through cycling / Knocked down and broke my leg in 3 places

Favourite training route/ coffee stop?
Laragh after doing Sally Gap and just before the Wicklow

Cycling heroes/role models?
Phil Cassidy (he'll love that) no seriously the likes of Brian Connaughton and Phil they did it the hard way no HRM/ Power meters for those lads

How do you relax after a hard club spin?
Feet up on the couch and an episode of latest box set I'm watching

What are your goals for next year?
Hope to get to France and do some of the iconic climbs or the Etape

What advice would you give for riders starting in this sport?
Join a club makes the training so much more enjoyable.

Tell us something that we don't already know about you…
I used to be the Buyer for MaxFactor in Ireland and got to meet Madonna via it!!!