•      A brief description about yourself…
Married to Siobheal with 5 children ranging from 9 to 19 yrs. Sport is very large part of our daily routine.
Joint owner of a growing company which specialises in automation of gates & doors, access control and car parking equipment.
Love nothing more than eating out with family and friends.

•      What made you choose Dunboyne?
Not sure really. We happened to stumble across it as I knew absolutely nothing about cycling. Joined Easter 2013 and never looked back.

 •      How did you get into cycling?
Was looking for a sport after Basketball, tried jogging but didn't like it. Then the local GAA had a sportive last year so I gave it a go and after the first 4 weeks of agony I feel in love with it.

 •      What bike do you own?
I recently purchased a Specialised Tarmac SL4 and absolutely love it.

 •      What’s your greatest cycling achievement?
So far its being able to keep up in the club spins although it’s been tough. Also taking part with the Vets in the racing season this year and managing to keep up with the bunch.

 •      What’s your greatest cycling disappointment?
Not cycling long enough to have any disappointments it’s all good so far.

 •      Highest/ lowest point on the bike…
Highest point is starting to manage cycling steep inclines / lowest point was struggling at climbs during my starting months

•      Favourite training route/ coffee stop?
Love the route which takes in The Village at Lyons Newcastle and recently the spin around the Blessington lakes

 •      Cycling heroes/role models?
Again not knowing too much about the sport, but I have great respect for 2 legends within the club: Philip Cassidy and Brian Connaughton

 •      How do you relax after a hard club spin?
With Children relaxing is not an option so I use cycling as a release from the stresses of work

 •      What are your goals for next year?
Next year is to get fitter and compete stronger in the Vets racing season

 •      What advice would you give for riders starting in this sport?
My advice is to get into a club which has good experienced riders who are able to push you through the boundaries of pain. Its only by pushing yourself to your limits will you achieve improvements.

•      Tell us something that we don't already know about you…
I support Manchester United and since taking up cycling I find it very hard to give up a weekend spin to go over to Old Trafford like I did for the previous 10 years